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40 Book Challenge

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Presentation schedule

  • End of September- 4th graders

  • End of October- 3rd graders

  • End of November - 4th graders

  • End of December- 3rd graders

  • End of January- 4th graders

  • End of February- 3rd graders

  • End of March- 4th graders

  • End of April- 3rd graders

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Curriculum Night

Please have your child return these forms no later than Friday, September 6th. Thank you!

Passion Projects

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Weekly Wednesday Writing

Hello, Parents! You have the opportunity to participate in our Weekly Wednesday Writing!  Every Wednesday, your child will be taught a new writing strategy and will then apply what was learned during Writer's Workshop.  Their homework will be to share their writing with you. Unless otherwise stated, Wednesday Writing will always be due Monday. 

Please provide your child with feedback using the 3-2-1 Structure:  3 strengths, 2 areas of improvement, and 1 question you have. Your child should write down the feedback you have for them; a parent signature is also required. The feedback and signature should both be written in your child's writing notebook. 

We encourage you to write, too!  This is optional, of course, but if you choose to participate in the assignment your child may share your writing with our class. There is no "wrong way" to write and we LOVE when you are an active participant in our learning community!

Thank you! 

2018 - 2019 School Year

Weekly Wednesday Writing Parent Letter

2017 - 2018 School Year

WordMasters Challenge

  • Trimester 1 List - Revealed in September

  • Trimester 2 List - Revealed in December

  • Trimester 3 List - Revealed in January

Check out an example of a WordMaster List!

Check out an example of a WordMaster Quiz!

A Little Something Extra

Happier Podcast:  PDF of 81 Children's Book Masterpieces

Amy Abdnor's Proof of "Hello Fonts" License Purchase