"You're off to great places.
Today is your day! 
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Welcome aboard!  I am thrilled you are here to join our class on our learning expedition.  Together we will navigate the world by posing thoughtful questions, engaging in higher-level thinking, collaborating with peers, and transforming ideas into action plans.  For continuous learning to occur, content in this classroom is advanced and information is presented at an accelerated pace. Independent research is interest based, allowing each child to investigate their world, draw conclusions, and continue to engage in lifelong learning.   

Various cultures, life experiences, and personalities create our unique classroom environment, which gives us the opportunity to learn from one another!  Diversity is celebrated and everyone is to be treated with dignity.  Social and emotional learning in the gifted environment is crucial and is supported through service learning, mentors, and interacting with the community.  Through the course of the year, we will not only learn about the structure and functions of the brain, but also how to lead our lives with a growth mindset and to be resilient when faced with challenges.  

Technology is a critical component that will be incorporated in the classroom on a daily basis.  You may even find yourself on this website frequently!  This page will be a valuable resource so you are able to read our class updates, view pictures, remind yourself of upcoming events, and access important links. 

Let’s make each day count!

Miss Amy Abdnor

Winston Campus Elementary Student Pledge

“We the students of WCE, promise to be the best we can be. We’ll show respect for me and you, environment, and learning, too. If we work hard we’ll go quite far earning Eagle Wings and Shooting Stars. With our feet on solid ground, we are…college bound!”

Every classroom at WCE adopted a college or university to focus on and interact with through the course of the school year.  I am pleased to announce that B101 has adopted The University of Notre Dame.  I have no doubt that we will WORK LIKE CHAMPIONS EVERYDAY!

Many wonderful moments lie ahead of us!

Many wonderful moments lie ahead of us!

Get the scoop on all of the wonderful moments we have shared together as a class!

Get the scoop on all of the wonderful moments we have shared together as a class!

Book reviews, enrichment activities, and podcasts...oh my!

Book reviews, enrichment activities, and podcasts...oh my!



I am grateful to have crossed paths with so many passionate, selfless, and dedicated teachers throughout various stages of my life.  They modeled the importance of treating every individual they encountered with respect and radiated self-confidence, empathy, and persistence.  These influential teachers helped me realize that all dreams are within reach. I am thrilled that I was able to turn one of my lifelong dreams into a reality by further enriching young minds who simply love to learn!

I am a proud graduate of Illinois State University and absolutely loved my college experience.   I was fortunate to study abroad in Ireland and also became an active member of the Alternative Breaks Program.  Traveling has opened my mind to various walks of life, provided me with some of my greatest friends, and has allowed me to continue to develop as an independent and curious individual.  I have found it to be true that “life often begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Memorable adventures of mine include hiking the Inca Trail, shark cage diving, restoring Indian and Native American ceremonial grounds, volunteering at an elephant rehabilitation center, and working alongside kind-hearted children in various orphanages. 

I earned my Master's Degree in Reading from National Louis University in 2018. Reading can take you anywhere, and unlike plane tickets, the adventures are free!  I enjoy reading various genres of books, so I often have 3-4 different books piled on my nightstand depending on which world I would like to discover.  My favorite children’s book is Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.  If I see this novel in a second hand store or garage sale it is impossible for me not to make a purchase; I just can’t resist. My collection is growing at a rapid pace, but I am not complaining!  

I am THRILLED to be working with 3rd and 4th grade gifted and talented students and am confident that this year will be filled with critical thinking, explorations, open-ended tasks, and new friends! Brains will grow and laughs will be shared as we bring the outside world into B101.  I am looking forward to learning about each individual student who will help us take part in our learning experience!

Today is your day!

Miss Amy Abdnor

abdnora@ccsd15.net | 847-963-7500 ext 7427 | Room B101


“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

- J.K. Rowling                     


Please reach out by phone or email so we can get in touch! 

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